Dakhinpat Satra, Satras Of Majuli, Majuli Island - Majuli Island-The Largest River Island In The World

Dakhinpat Satra, Satras Of Majuli, Majuli Island

Dakhinpat Satra || Satras Of Majuli || Majuli Island:

Entrance Gate Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra
Entrance Gate Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra

Dakhinpat Satra || Satras Of Majuli || Majuli Island:

The Dakhinpat Satra is a famous and well-known socio-culture and spiritual institutes of Majuli Island. The Satra is situated at Dakhinpat Gaon close to the watercourse Brahmaputra. The Satra was established by Vamshigopal follower Satradhikar Sri Sri Vanamalidev within the year 1584. At that time the Satradhikar Sri Sri Vanamalidev was honored by Ahom King Jayadhvaj Singh. Every year several devotees visit the Satra from everywhere the world to see and feel the natural fantastic thing about the place. The entrance gate of the Satra is being carved with many lovely flowers, non-secular and cultural motifs, completely different animal forms etc. The inner walls of the Satra are being conjointly carven with different stunning painting and sculptures. 

The Satra could be a cultural and spiritual activity house of Majuli Island. The Dakhinpat Satra is additionally a storehouse of dances that was the contribution of Shri Sankardeva like Matiakhara, Jumora, Sutradhar, Apsara, Ozapali, Borgeet, Chali, Nande Vringee, Dasavater, Satriya Nitrya etc. Dakhinpat Satra is additionally a storehouse of the cultural, historical, non-secular and advanced centre of liberal arts. 

There are several devotees folks known as Bhakats reside within the Satra who pay their entire life within the devotion of Lord Krishna. In Dakhinpat Satra the Satradhikar Sri Sri Vanamalidev preserved several manuscripts which are written on the bark of the Sachi tree. Every year the Dakhinpat Satra celebrates a festival known as Raas-Leela of Sri Krishna. The Raas-Leela is thought of together of the notable and famous festivals of Assam. Every year several tourist and devotees visit this Satra to get pleasure from the natural and calmness beauty of the place and to experience the Raas-Leela of Sri Krishna.

Main Gate Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra
Main Gate Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra

Current Satradhikar Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra:
Noni Gopal Dev Goswami

Satradhikars Of Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra:

  1. Damudar Devgoswami
  2. Balu Devgoswami
  3. Paramananda Devgoswami
  4. Banamali Devgoswami
  5. Ram Devgoswami
  6. Krishna Devgoswami
  7. Aatma Devgoswami
  8. Kam Devgoswami
  9. Saha Devgoswami
  10. Ronti Devgoswami
  11. Bishnu Devgoswami
  12. Bibhu Devgoswami
  13. Bashu Devgoswami
  14. Shuva Devgoswami
  15. Nara Devgoswami
  16. Narayan Devgoswami
  17. Hari Devgoswami
  18. Ramananda Devgoswami
What To Do And See In And Around:
  • Enjoy the Raas-Leela of Shri Krishna which is the famous festival of Majuli Island. 
  • Enjoy the various dance moves like- Matiakhara, Chali, Ozapali, Jumora, Sutradhar, Satriya Nitrya, Dasavater etc. 
  • Enjoy totally different non-secular and cultural activities like- Veda Path, Vedic and Tantrik methods followed to give Dharma to the holy people etc.

How To Reach:

Dakhinpat Satra is at a distance of roughly 12 to 13 Km. from Dakhinpat Ghat and Aphalamukh Ghat. So anyone can pick up a ferry from Neamati Ghat to Majuli to reach the Satra. For any ferry timing and fare related query please visit the subsequent link: How To Reach Majuli Island From Guwahati, Jorhat, Lakhimpur 

What Is The Most Effective Time To Visit The Satra: 

Every year the November to December months are the most effective time to visit Majuli Island and also the Satra as a result of each year Raas-Leela of Shri Krishna is celebrated at the month of November. So at the time of Raas-Leela, anyone will arrange holidays at Majuli Island.

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