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Majuli Island Guest Posting

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Hello Guest, Welcome to Majuli island. Before contributing an article at "Majuli Island Guest Posting" please read all the guidelines mentioned below. If you have read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned below, then you can submit your article at Majuli Island.


How Can You Become Majuli Island Publisher:

To become a regular publisher at Majuli Island please follow the following guidelines or tips properly:

  • At first, head over to the homepage and check out some articles to understand what kind of articles we publish and how they look like.
  • Your article must be solely focused on quality and adding value to readers.
  • Your article must be well written with proper headings and images where needed.

What Type Of Articles We Accept:

We accept contents that are related to Tourism, Culture, History, Geography, Education, Administration, Accommodation, Economy, Tradition, etc. of Majuli Island and Assam including the following topics:
  • Recent Cultural News and Events of Majuli and Assam.
  • Upcoming Events of Majuli and Assam
  • The Tradition of Majuli and Assam.
  • Best Tourism places of Majuli and Assam.
  • Best Picnic spot of Majuli and Assam.
  • Economic Analysis of Majuli and Assam.
  • Pride of Majuli and Assam.
  • History of Assamese Culture and different Tribes of Majuli and Assam.
  • Art and Culture of Majuli and Assam.
  • History, Geography, Education, Transportation of Majuli and Assam.
  • We accept articles that are written in English, Hindi, and the Assamese language only.
  • For the Miscellaneous section, we also accept articles related to Tourism, Wildlife Safari, Geography, Education, Culture, Transportation, Tradition, Travel Tips, Recent and Trending Events, and Upcoming Events of India and any other country outside India.

What Type Of  Content We Don't Accept:

  • We don't accept any low-quality content.
  • We don't accept any duplicate articles that are already available on the Internet.
  • We don't accept any article with less than 400 words. All articles must contain 400+ words.
  • We don't accept any article written in any other language except English, Hindi, and Assamese.

How To Submit An Article At Majuli Island:

  • Submit your article in .pdf or .doc or .txt format.
  • You can send your article directly to
  • The email subject must be mentioned as "Majuli Island Guest Post" so that it is easily visible to us.
  • Before publication, your article's Content, Grammer, Misspelling, Titles, and Formatting may be changed for SEO purposes.
  • You can include a Short Note or Bio-Statement about you which will appear below your article(Maximum word limit 50).
  • Please include your Facebook and Twitter profile link below the article and also provide your Email Id.
  • If you are a blogger then you can put only one backlink on your article. But here is one thing you should keep in mind links pointing to your site should be related to the content.
  • One thing you should keep in mind is that we don't provide any payment for your articles.
  • We charge $10 (10 Dollars) per article.
  • Payment Mode: We accept Payment via PayPal/PhonePe
For any query regarding article submission,  please contact us at:

Email Id:
WhatsApp: +91-7002496834

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