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About Us

The site https://www.majuliislands.com provides all the necessary information about the largest river island Majuli. In this blog we regularly add new articles explaining details about various topics related to the river island Majuli, You can get all details or information about the river island by regularly checking this site.
      You can also request any article related to Majuli Island and we will definitely try to provide the best result as fast as possible to you.

About Me

Hi guys, I am R.K. Bhuyan & I am from the largest river island in the world Majuli, Assam. I am an enthusiastic fresher with highly motivated and leadership skills having Bachelors of Science(B.Sc) in Physics & Master of Computer Applications(MCA) degree from Jorhat Engineering College.
       I have deep interest in the technical field related to live project work, application development, and blogging.

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