Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island-2018 - Majuli Island-The Largest River Island In The World

Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island-2018

Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island | Educational Institutes Of Majuli:

Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island-2018
ITI College Situated At Bongaon Of The Majuli Island

Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island | Educational Institutes Of Majuli:

Majuli Island is an academic hub within the entire North-Eastern region of Asian Country. Majuli Island having massive numbers of govt. and personal educational institutes. Since the Majuli Island is the cultural city of Assam hence it is the most important destination for several students of the whole North-Eastern region for education. There are massive numbers of Higher Secondary School and Colleges in Majuli Island. Generally, the medium of teaching is Assamese at the school and college level, however, some college and schools additionally use country language as their medium of study.

Name Of The Educational Institutes Of Majuli Island:


                1. Garamur College, Garamur.
                2. Majuli College, Kamalabari.
                3. Rangachahi College, Rangachahi.
                4. Pub Majuli College, Bongaon.
                5. Jengraimukh College, Jengraimukh.
                6. Ujoni Majuli Kherkotia Mahavidyalaya, Nayabazar.
                7. ITI College,Bongaon.

Junior College:

                1. Island Academy, Kamalabari.
                2. Utar Majuli Janajati Jr. College.
                3. Rangachahi T.N. H.S. School, Rangachahi.
                4. Ratnapur Higher Secondary, Nayabazar.
                5. Namoni Majuli Jr. College.
                6. Pitambar Deva Goswami College.
                7. Majuli Janajati Junior College.

High, L.P. and M.E. School:

                1. Jengraimukh High School.
                2. Jengraimukh Girl’s High School.
                3. St. Paul’s High School, Jengraimukh.
                4. Majuli Auniati Hem Chandra High School.
                5. Sri Lohit High School
                6. Milonjyoti High School.
                7. Bapuji High School.
                8. Rangachahi T.N. High School.
                9. Mekheligaon Janata Girl’s High School.
               10. N.S Greenwood English Medium High School.
               11. Karatipar High School.
               12. Phulani High School.
               13. Garamur Sri Sri Pitambar Dev High School.
               14. Chiram High School.
               15. Meragarh Narayan Dev Higher Secondary School.
               16. Chamaguri Satra Rawanapar Model Higher Secondary School.
               17. Madhya Majuli Parijat Higher Secondary School.
               18. Jonaki Chamahiya Ati Higher Secondary School.
               19. Bhakatiduar Higher Secondary School.
               20. Chiram Banamali Dev Higher Secondary School.
               21. Ratnapur Miri High School.
               22. Major Deori Tribal High School.
               23. Swarnasiri High School.
               24. Jamudchuk Lahan High School.
               25. Balichapori Kathoni Ati High School.
               26. Balichapori Kathoni Ati M.E. School.
               27. Alimur Bamun Gaon L.P. School.
               28. Balichapori Kathoni Ati L.P. School.
               29. Keshab Ram Borah High School.
               30. Milita Ratnapur Doloni L.P. School.
               31. Ratnapur High School.
               32. Nikinikhowa L.P. School.
               33. Island Academy.
               34. Mohkhuti L.P. School.
               35. Gereki Janajati M.E. School.
               36. Rangachahi Tanuram Nath M.E. School.
               37. 208 No Rangachahi Nimno Buniyadi Vidyalaya.
               38. Phulani M.E. School.
               39. No. 1 Phulani L.P. School.
               40. 1 No. Kamalabari L.P. School.
               41. 17 No. Bechamora L.P. School.
               42. 2 No. Kamalabari L.P. School.
               43. Kamalabari Academy.
               44. Jonaki Jatiya Bidyalaya.
               45. No. 48 Kakotibari L.P. School.
               46. 136 No. Prachin Chamaguri Satra L.P. School.

Computer Institutes:

                1. NEEDS.                
                2. CEC, Kamalabari, Majuli.                 
                3. Third Eye, Bongaon, Majuli.                 
                4. ICE, Bongaon, Majuli

Teacher Training Centre:

                  1. Basic Training Centre, Rawnapara, Majuli.

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