State Symbols of Assam - APSC 2024 - Majuli Island- The First Riverine District of India

State Symbols of Assam - APSC 2024

State Symbols of Assam - APSC 2024

State Symbols of Assam

The State symbols of Assam are a testament to its rich cultural heritage and diverse natural beauty. Each symbol holds significant meaning, representing aspects deeply rooted in Assamese identity and pride.

Firstly, "O Mur Apunar Dekh" stands as the State song, penned by Lakshminath Bezbarua and musically crafted by Kamala Prasad Agarwala. This lyrical masterpiece resonates with themes of love for the land, capturing the essence of Assamese culture through its verses.

The State motto, "Joi Aai Axom," reverberates with reverence for Mother Assam, embodying the spirit of respect and devotion towards the state.

The State seal, bearing the inscription "Axom sorkar," symbolizes the authority and governance of Assam, reflecting administrative continuity and pride in statehood.

Assamese, known locally as "Axomiya," is the designated State language, serving as a linguistic cornerstone that binds the people of Assam together.

The Assam Literary Society, or "Axom Xahityo Xobha," stands as a bastion of literary heritage, promoting and preserving the rich literary traditions of the state.

Bihu, celebrated fervently across Assam, is the State festival, encompassing cultural festivities that highlight Assamese traditions, music, dance, and community spirit.

Bihu Dance, or "Bihu nas," embodies the joy and vibrancy of Assamese culture, performed during Bihu festivals to celebrate harvests and seasons.

The State flower, "Kopou phul" or Foxtail Orchids, is a delicate yet distinctive bloom that symbolizes the natural beauty and floral diversity of Assam.

Hollong, known scientifically as Dipterocarpus macrocarpus, stands as the State tree, revered for its ecological significance and local importance in the region's biodiversity.

The State animal, the One-horned rhinoceros or "Gor," is an iconic symbol of Assam's wildlife conservation efforts and natural heritage.

Lastly, the White-winged wood duck, known locally as "Deo haah," is the State bird, representing the avian diversity and ecological richness found in Assam's landscapes.

Together, these State symbols encapsulate the essence of Assam—its cultural vibrancy, natural splendor, and deep-rooted traditions. They serve as emblems of pride and identity, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among the people of Assam, while also showcasing the state's rich tapestry of culture and biodiversity to the world.

The following are the accredited State symbols of Assam:


English Term

Assamese Term

State Song

O my dearest country

O Mur Apunar Dekh

State Motto

Hail mother Assam

Joi Aai Axom

State Seal

Government of Assam

Axom sorkar

State Language



State Literary Society

Assam Literary Society

Axom Xahityo Xobha

State Festival



State Dance

Bihu Dance

Bihu nas

State Flower

Foxtail Orchids

Kopou phul

State Tree

Dipterocarpus macrocarpus


State Animal

One-horned rhinoceros


State Bird

White-winged wood duck

Deo haah


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