Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department - Majuli Island-The Largest River Island In The World

Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department

Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department | Different Problems Of Majuli

Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department
Erosion Of Soil Of The Majuli Island

Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department | Different Problems Of Majuli

Geographical Problem:

     The Island, not merely a geographical entity, has been confronted with a number of problems mainly geographical, economic as well as cultural. Continuous flood and erosion of the stream Brahmaputra have posed to be a major threat to its physical existence. From experience of the past and on the basis of geological reset it may, however, it may be contended that in far future serious threat be possible for the Suvansiri rather than from the river Brahmaputra either case, there is hardly any possibility of eradication of the Majuli Island from the map from this country due to at least to erosion or the river Brahmaputra, which has now become the key to the cry of protection programme. The doable thanks to relaxing this drawback are also lies somewhere in its economic development the which lies in creating it a world heritage centre and attract the eye of the worldwide community.

Economic Problem:

      Although the development of the economy of Majuli Island depends on the development of agriculture, yet, Majuli Island is not developed in agriculture. The basic infrastructure of the development of agriculture i.e. use of HYV seeds, insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides, irrigation etc. are not proper. Adoption of modern techniques of production is not up to the desired level. Besides the Majuli Island is not fully equipped with marketing facilities for different products. Moreover, the occurrence of annual floods often damages the Kharif crops considerably. Hence attention should be on evolving a suitable agronomic programme for the development of agriculture. Proper selection of crop rotation planning is not only helpful in minimizing the risk of flood damages, but also in increasing the income of the farmers. Further, adoption of the appropriate technology supported by timely delivery of quality seeds, fertilizers etc. and proper marketing should be the condition for successful agricultural planning in Majuli Island.

Problems Of Majuli Island In The Different Department
Picture Of Some Household Clay Product
Cultural Problem(Village Pottery Industry):

       The village pottery industry of Majuli Island is facing a lot of problems. In the first instances, it is mentionable that the industry consumes more time and labour power. A long time is always necessary for the time of production to sell. The transportation is another problem, in respect of the products taken at the market. A high level of risk always claims due to the sensitivity of the products and a higher level of one of the costs of productions. No need to say about the natural calamity that has to challenge on the way of the market. The most serious concern is the gradual shortage of mud soil and fuel woods. Unorganization is also a weakness of the industry. The people's economic condition almost makes an unfavourable impact in the industry. Sometimes a bunch of individuals criticizes that the trade welcomes erosion downside in Majuli Island.

        However, the clay industry is the heritage of Majuli Island. It makes a bridge between the past and present. This ancient trade plays a very important role to introduce Majuli Island in several nook and corner of entire State and North East India. It distributes the art and culture of Majuli Island and makes brotherhood relationship among the different caste, creed, and communities living in North East India.

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